Learning Theory



"Learning to learn is the most important skill of our times," proclaimed Ronald Gross of Columbia University at the Summit for Life-Long Learning, held recently in Seattle, Washington.

The Summit for Life-Long Learning made the following points:

  • Self directed learning prepares people for future knowledge acquisition.
  • Self-directed learning accounts for 80% of all long-term learning and should be used more widely in our education systems.
  • Transforming and re-shaping learning methods are the real challenges of future education.
  • Widening access to "life-long learning" skills, will enhance every aspect of living.

"With all the advancements in technology the need to draw, play music and create from nothing is necessary to develop that part of the brain. Infrared photography reveals if these skills are not developed that part of the brain does not develop.

"The final component of learning in the future is to be set to learn on your own. We will be able to deal with information overload.

"Triti's Changes collection is a wonderful learning tool: nothing like this has ever been published!"

Michele Tangretti, Librarian